Lisa Feeley

Lisa Feeley instructs the following:
  • Beginners Pilates(40 min) - Level 1
  • This restore class is done on the reformer and springboard. Improve strength, flexibility, posture and coordination. You can do this class everyday or to restore your body after hard  workouts. These classes teach you the basics of the method through a series of simple, challenging exercises. The goal for this level is to find your powerhouse, to begin to find lift in the body and to even out the alignment of the torso. You will start to feel the benefits of Pilates.

  • Strong Pilates (50 min)-Level 3,4
  • This powerful class is done on the reformer and springboard. Incorporates whole body training. Use tradicional pilates and other cardiovascular techniques. Strengthens your body, tightens your muscles, elongates the body, burns fat, improves endurance and restores your body's natural balance. 

  • Courageous Pilates (50 min)-Level 5
  • This challenge workout is done on the reformer and springboard. Incorporate whole body training, cardiovascular exercises using pilates techniques. We recommended at least 10 pilates class before this class.